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About us


The year 2017 marks our entry on the Romanian market, with RiseTech offering consulting services and software solutions. Our strategy and also our goal are represented by our clients’ success in the businesses that they are developing in Romania and other markets.

RiseTech provides software consulting services to companies in transition, a process that involves the development and integration of software tools (web and mobile) to increase efficiency, productivity and market competitiveness.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a healthy business. We consider a healthy business one that brings fulfillment, satisfaction and added value to its employees, customers and partners. To achieve this goal, we strive to be a trusted partner, therefore our specialists work closely with the customers so they can deeply understand their requirements and deliver the best services.

Our mission

Our mission is to digitalize small and medium-sized companies in Romania. In order to be competitive and create high added value, a company needs to have the right tools to monitor and streamline internal processes. Our role is to offer support in this digitization process and to provide the most appropriate solutions, ensuring that our customers' achieving objectives can become a certainty.

Our objective

Our objective is to transpose technological innovation into direct benefits for the end customer.

'Enjoy your business' summarizes the best the culture of RiseTech company.

Our values

The success in building a partnership is based on the values of organizational culture, where we share the following values and perspectives that provide positive motivation


We propose tools to help users develop both personally and professionally.


We assume. / We take responsibility.


The ingredient that makes a relationship work well and in the long run.


Our premise for taking responsibility, encouraging the exchange of information and understanding the goals and benefits.


By manifesting empathy in the company, relationships become stronger, communication becomes more efficient, and trust and collaboration among team members are improved.


All our services are based on this requirement - top quality of services and products.


We are constantly pursuing to learn and grow as specialists. Knowledge is what makes us valuable.


We believe in mutual success, therefore, we aim to become trusted by our clients for long-term collaborations.

Our team


Str. Samuil Micu nr 1A
Cluj 400014, România